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nemonic is a sticky note printer that enables to quickly & easily print notes made on PC and Mobile devices or pictures on sticky paper and attach them wherever you want.
You can use it just as existing notepads or as digital notepads by installing a dedicated app.

Unlike existing printers, nemonic does not use ink or toners which virtually removes the cost for maintenance.
All you need is a low-cost, nemonic paper catridge.

nemonic uses the thermal method on which heat is directly applied to paper without using any ink or toners.

nemonic is a mini sticky note printer.
It is smaller than conventional printers - just the right size for your desk or a place beside your monitor.
Using nemonic, you can easily print short notes or drawings too small for regular size paper.

nemonic is a smart device which enables quick & easy printing of notes or pictures at the office, home or educational sites.
Wherever used, it helps printing simple notes or delivering such notes to others.

Unlike conventional printers, nemonic does not use any ink or toners for printing - so no need to worry about consumables cost!
All you need to do is buy the dedicated printing paper.

nemonic is an Apple-certified accessory recognized as being able to connect & use with most iOS devices without any problems. (MFI certified)

nemonic is certified by ‘SMAPP (Designed for Samsung)'’, the accessory certification by Samsung, which guarantees compatibility with Samsung products.

You can print with Nemonic using the dedicated mobile app & connecting it via Bluetooth with Nemonic printer. But you can also use it just like conventional printers on a PC by downloading a dedicated printer driver.

nemonic can be simultaneously connected and used by multiple users via Bluetooth.
You can use it with others at a meeting room or at home (ex: living room).

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