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FAQ Global 68

On iOS 8, a Bluetooth-related bug often causes the malfunction of nemonic while communicating with peripherals.
nemonic supports iOS 9 and later only, so please use after updating to a more recent version if possible.

Yes. For Android, you can print directly from other apps (ex: Gmail or web browsers) that support printing options after downloading the ‘nemonic print service plug-in’ from Google Play Store.

Connect the PC and nemonic using the USB cable provided with the product. Use the printer after installing the nemonic driver and dedicated program.

On a PC, only connection through USB cable is supported.

Yes. Download the dedicated driver for nemonic, select ‘nemonic MIP-001’ when choosing printer, select the appropriate paper size for the document or content to be printed & proceed to printing. 

Yes. Change the paper size when printing on the application, or if you use the dedicated program for nemonic, click the ‘change sheet’ icon to select the desired size & print. 

Due to security issues, Windows XP is not supported.
nemonic supports Windows OS version 7 and later.

Yes. When printing on the application, set the sheet direction to Horizontal/Vertical or use the Rotate 180° option in the printer settings.
If you are using the dedicated program for nemonic, click the Change Sticky Side option to set the desired sticky side & print.

nemonic only uses its dedicated paper cartridge. Use of other thermal paper may compromise printing quality and cause defects. Service will not be provided for defects caused by using cartridges other than the dedicated paper cartridge for nemonic.

nemonic recognizes the sheet color of its dedicated paper cartridge. If you replace sheets, the LED color will change to match the sheet color.

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