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FAQ Global 68

Up to 20 users may connect to nemonic via Bluetooth. In other words, most people attending a meeting can use nemonic simultaneously.

Not using nemonic for a while causes its printer head roller to put pressure on the paper for a prolonged time, leading the first printed note to roll up.

nemonic is a thermal printer - only grayscale printing is supported.
It aims to provide simple, low-cost printing of short notes or pictures for which users may feel hesitant to spend a considerable amount in printing.

Just press the RESET button on the rear bottom of nemonic for 5 seconds (until the LED blinks).

nemonic notifies with beeps in case errors such as opened cover, no sheet or paper jams occur.

This occurs due to the cutter cutting the printed paper automatically, and is perfectly normal.

If nemonic gets overheated due to consecutive printing or continuous printing of sheets mostly consisting of dark color, the printer detects overheating & blocks printing temporarily.
Please wait for the printer to cool off, since it will resume printing if it falls below a certain temperature.

nemonic recognizes the sheet color of its dedicated paper cartridge.
If you replace sheets, nemonic’s LED color will change to match the replaced sheets’ color so that the user can see which paper color is being used without opening the cover.

Out of the 2 LEDs at the front side of Nemonic, the left LED displays communication & Bluetooth connection status.
The left (communication & Bluetooth) LED blinking - though not in printing status - means that the mobile device is connected to Nemonic via Bluetooth & ready to print.

If you print out memos on the mobile device connected to Nemonic, the LED will stop blinking.
If a mobile device is connected to Nemonic via Bluetooth & the left LED is blinking, no mobile device other than the current user’s may connect to Nemonic.

If nemonic’s left LED stops blinking after printing out on the connected mobile device, other mobile devices may connect to nemonic as well.

You can print another copy of the previous memo by pressing nemonic’s dispenser button for 2 seconds.

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