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FAQ Global 68

nemonic app is supported on iOS 9.0 version and later.
If you cannot find it on App Store, please check the OS version on your device. Please use after software update if your device’s version is earlier than the supported version.

nemonic uses special thermal paper with high preservability.
Its thermal paper is environmentally friendly as well as free of BPA (Bisphenol A) - a substance known to be harmful to the human body.

nemonic uses a special kind of thermal paper
that preserves printed notes much longer than other thermal papers.
When stored at room temperature, the printed material may be preserved for longer than 5 years.

Please check the power cable connection. Press the power on/off button on nemonic after checking power cable connection. nemonic is in normal status if its front LED light turns on.

If used for a long time, nemonic’s printer head may become dirty causing streaks on printed materials. Following the guide on the manual provided with the product, clean nemonic’s printer head using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to remove this symptom. Please clean the printer head regularly.

Due to its motor, it is perfectly normal for nemonic to make some noise while printing out. However, if cartridges other than nemonic’s dedicated one is used or paper is inserted incorrectly, a noise much louder than usual may occur. In this case, please make sure nemonic’s dedicated cartridge is used & paper is inserted into the printer correctly.

If nemonic does not function or seems to be defective, please call the domestic Customer Center at  1577-6670. (Korea only)

1 year warranty is guaranteed. Repair or replacement will be performed after product has been identified as defective at the Mangoslab Customer Center. If this is the case, Mangoslab will cover all domestic shipping & repair cost.(Korea only)

Due to the nature of electronic products, no return & refund will be granted if product packaging is opened or its value as a product is damaged. In case a customer changes his/her mind before opening the product packaging, returns are only granted if requested within 7 days of product receipt & on customer’s covering full shipping cost. (Korea only)

Domestic Customer Center can be reached at 1577-6670. (Korea +82 1577 6670)

Please call if you have questions or difficulties when using the product.

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