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FAQ Global 10

Connect the PC and nemonic using the USB cable provided with the product. Use the printer after installing the nemonic driver and dedicated program.

On a PC, only connection through USB cable is supported.

Yes. Download the dedicated driver for nemonic, select ‘nemonic MIP-001’ when choosing printer, select the appropriate paper size for the document or content to be printed & proceed to printing. 

Yes. Change the paper size when printing on the application, or if you use the dedicated program for nemonic, click the ‘change sheet’ icon to select the desired size & print. 

Due to security issues, Windows XP is not supported.
nemonic supports Windows OS version 7 and later.

Yes. When printing on the application, set the sheet direction to Horizontal/Vertical or use the Rotate 180° option in the printer settings.
If you are using the dedicated program for nemonic, click the Change Sticky Side option to set the desired sticky side & print.

If you get a message like above and can’t print memos, please re-install the nemonic driver by following the instruction below. 

If connect a nemonic printer before install nemonic driver, Windows recognizes nemonic printer as other device. Therefore when re-install nemonic driver, please install nemonic driver first and then connect nemonic printer. 

1-1. If there is a document being printed.
If a document is being printed, remove the document from the list.
1-2. If you can not remove the document while printing.
However, if you can not remove the document you are printing, click on the Windows key and search for 'Task Manager' to find 'Spooler'.

If you find 'Spooler', right click on it and click 'Stop' 

Run 'File Explorer' and go to 'C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS'
Please delete all the documents in it.

And please rerun the ‘Spooler’. 

1-3. Delete nemonic printer device
In Control Panel search> Control Panel> View devices and printers> Right click on the nemonic printer in 'Devices and Printers' and click 'Remove device'.

(*Caution: Make sure the device is removed on both ‘Device Manager’ and ‘Control Panel’.)

2. After disconnecting the USB connection, re-install the nemonic driver.
(*Caution: You must connect nemonic printer AFTER installing nemonic driver.)

3. Connect the nemonic printer to PC by USB and check if the nemonic driver is working correctly.

Check that the power of the printer is turned on and check that the PC and the printed are properly connected using the USB cable.
If it still does not work, click the Windows key, search for 'Device Manager', and check if there is 'USB Printing Support' in 'Universal Serial Bus Controller'.


If you do not have 'USB printing support', please connect to another USB.
If it does not work even though the connection is normal, please check if you installed the nemonic driver. If the problem still occurs, delete the existing nemonic program and driver and reinstall it.

Although it is possible to print through the printer sharing setting, it is not officially supported at the moment, so, unexpected problems may occur.
We are working hard in order to make it available in the near future.

When launching the Nemonic installation file, the below case is the temparary issue by applying new digital certificate and it's not security issue. Please install the Nemonic program as described below. 

1. If you click 'More info', 'Run anyway' button is shown. 

2. If you click 'Run anyway' button, you can install the nemonic program normally. 

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