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FAQ Global 17

Please check if Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone/tablet, then use the app to search, select & connect the printer.
If the issue persists, go to Settings > Connection > Bluetooth menu of the smartphone/tablet device, disconnect nemonic and try to reconnect it using the app.

Please check if Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone/tablet and ensure that nemonic is turned on. If the printer is still not found, turn off nemonic and turn it on again.

If you try to reconnect with an already paired nemonic, the message ‘Check if nemonic is turned on & within device range.’ may appear.
In this case, go to the Home > Settings > Bluetooth menu on your iPhone or iPad, delete the paired nemonic and reconnect it.
Delete the device list by going to My Device list on the Bluetooth menu, pressing the already paired nemonic’s (i) button and selecting [Delete this device]. Re-pair nemonic to your device by searching & selecting it again.

Save your note, select the note you want to share in the ‘My note’ tab and click the share icon at the bottom of the screen.

The current paper color is displayed next to the printer name on the "search printer" screen. Or, the current paper color is automatically shown on the screen when connecting to the printer. 

After selecting the text/image you want to print, use the share feature to deliver the text/image to the nemonic app and print it.


You can write notes with stylus pen of mobile devices as well as finger touch.

Yes. Press the Picture icon, select a picture and print it after adjusting size, location etc.

Yes, currently notes are only saved on the user’s device.
If you wish to back up your data, use the Save in Dropbox feature on the Settings tab to save it to your personal Dropbox. We are planning to provide nemonic’s own cloud linkage service in the future.

No. If a previously selected printer exists, nemonic will run connection & print-out actions automatically on pressing the print button.

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