Print small memos or images from smart devices or PCs onto sticky notes.
Save important ideas or memos and simply print to stick them on to any surface.
Printed memos are always able to be reprinted or shared easily.

Best of Innovation Awards Honoree
CES 2017

CES [International Consumer Electronics Show]
Worlds largest IT and consumer electronics show held in January every year at Las Vegas by Consumer Electronics Associations.

“nemonic” IN THE MEDIA

"Mangoslab Nemonic Printer - Best of CES 2017" - The wall street journal

"The Mangoslab Nemonic is a petite Printer for Sticky notes and it's pretty damn cool." - CNET

"Each printout - even the photos - pop out of the printer in less than five seconds. that is pretty impressive" - Digital Trends

Easy Connection

Connect easily to smartphones,

Tablet and PC with Bluetooth and USB

Print quickly using nemonic smart device app and PC memo program.

nemonic smart device app connects via Bluetooth to nemonic and memo program via USB cable from PC to nemonic.

Download Android, iOS apps and PC driver/application to start your memo.

Print from nemonic by connection to PCs or mobile devices. 

Search and install ‘nemonic’ application from mobile App markets

Supported OS
Android 5.0(Lollipop) and later / iOS 9.0 and later / Windows 7 and later

Quick print

Print your memo or information on the go, duplicate them easily!


In need of an empty sticky note or a customized logo designed sticky note, or even a form that you use often enough to replicate over and over again, save it in the printer and print it easily with a tap of a finger. Also, press the button for longer than two seconds to print out your latest memo.

Special stick

Stick your memos anywhere you want from 

Notes, Boards, Walls, Windows, Monitors and more !


nemonic uses special thermal paper so that it doesn’t need ink or toners. 
The cartridge protects the adhesive of the paper and the De-curl apparatus prevents the printout from being rolled up. 

One paper cartridge prints up to 200 sheets (80 x 80 mm)

Simple & Compact

nemonic easy to be handled with one hand.

Use it around the office desk or anywhere else freely as you wish.

nemonic is designed to play with others on your desk, keeping your environment tidy at all times.

Taking spacial efficiency into consideration, the size, utility and visual beauty are carefully thought out from a product full potential to acheive innovative design.

Paper Motif

nemonic takes motif from the natural state of the swirling paper itself, symbolised by a smoothly waved top.

nemonic is designed with the core concept of ‘paper’ as well as being able to place things on top of them, such as pens or pins.

Front LED Light

The LEDs on the front of the product indicate connections between smart devices, PCs and statuses that may occur during use. 

Also, it lights up according to the paper color inserted in the machine to maximize user efficeincy.

  • Printing method : Direct thermal printing
  • Printing speed : 60mm/sec
  • Print resolution : 203dpi
  • Printing width : 72mm (Paper width : 80mm)
  • Paper : “nemonic” paper cartridges only,  4 colors (Pink / White / Blue / Yellow)
  • Power : AC 100~240V, 2.0A
  • Cutting type : Auto / Full cut
  • Dimensions : 112 x 112 x 90 mm
  • Weight : 530g 
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0 (type A) 
  • OS : Android, iOS, PC(Windows, MAC) 
  • Media : Thermal printing paper with adhesive 
  • Adhesive strength : > 8 gf/mm 

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